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29 April 2013 @ 12:03 pm
I have moved to www.leahwould.com

Today, I decided to start writing in my own space. www.leahwould.com is now under construction, and I hope to have it up and going soon! I feel like the kid who just found out she is getting her OWN BEDROOM! I love my brothers and sisters, but sharing a room can be a pain in the ass, right?? They make me help them pick up THEIR lego mess!! All the legos I play with are put together in a beautiful masterpiece of a house…any left on the floor are NOT mine.
Well…that was a little tangent.
Regardless…This is my last post on Livejournal…I guess…I think….who the fuck knows!? Just go to my new site and read there instead--- In a bit…give me a few days first….a few hours..minutes…do I sound like the song from “Rent” yet?
25 April 2013 @ 04:58 pm
Picture this:

A bowl full of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, heavily drizzled with Reese’s Peanut Butter & Chocolate shell syrup. Next, pour on a little (okay, a lot of) homemade caramel sauce. Sprinkle all of that with colorful M&M’s chocolates and candy sprinkles. Add peanuts and chocolate chip cookie dough. THAT IS WHAT HEAVEN FUCKIN’ TASTES LIKE!!!!!!! And this afternoon…I had heaven in my mouth. Fin.
24 April 2013 @ 12:59 pm
There are two types of paper towels that show up in our women’s restroom. There are the cloth-like ones, and the more papery ones. As of this minute, and the moments filling the past couple of weeks, we have been only provided the more papery ones. I have not figured out who came up with this certain material for paper towels, but I don’t think he/she thought it through thoroughly. Just one towel…never works.

As usual, after relieving my bladder of its gallon of water, I go to wash my hands, and then of course, to dry them. I reach for this thin, should-be translucent, piece of paper that is supposed to be useful. At the first touch of my wet fingertips, it completely disintegrates! My hands are still sopping wet, so I reach for another, with the same result! When I try for my third paper towel, only a corner of it will rip off, and the rest remains lodged in the paper towel dispenser with, what I assume to be, its original tree family! This must be why it does NOT want to leave its cramped, little spot, and it battles hard. It fights…to the death! It is not until it is in at least four small, unusable pieces that I finally dislodge it from its happy place. So now that I have disintegrated three paper towels, and dismembered a fourth, I go all gung ho, and plunge my hand deep into the home of these worthless scraps! I pull out a handful of probably 10-20 papers, and finally I have enough to dry my hands-too much, in fact. After my prolonged and frustrating drying of the hands, there have somehow survived at least five dry towels, and as much as I try, I cannot make use of them! My hands are completely dry and now in need of lotion! And as much as I TRY, I can NOt seem to stuff the leftover ones back into the dispenser! It's as if they've decided it is more fun to SPITE me than to return to their proper waiting place! Those five left standing in my hands can just go bury their loved ones, then, because I used the rest of them to their fullest, and as far as I’m concerned, they can now to go paper towel heaven, and they shouldn’t have put up so much of a fight!! If they’d come out easily, then only a few towels would have been sacrificed to the dripping hands!!! But now…there was nothing but unnecessary violence in the bathroom, a PT Massacre.
23 April 2013 @ 04:47 pm
Some days like to start off…with difficulty. This morning was to be a normal Tuesday, which includes waking up early, packing clothes, and going for a run in the fitness room with Heather, followed by yoga class with Xi…then it’s off to work from there! Unfortunately, this morning included some memory lapses and unfortunate events. It began with Heather’s clothes, or lack thereof. No, we were not doing any naked running on the treadmill. BUT, after arriving for our first workout of the day, she realizes that she left her change of clothes for work at home. (Understand that our workout bags consist of several necessities, including TWO workout outfits, tennis shoes, heels, toiletries and work outfit, among a few other odds and ends things.) So we do our intervals…luckily, these happened with no serious mishaps. (Looking back now, I’m surprised I didn’t trip over a shoelace and fly across the room!) At this point, it’s time to shower. Then after that, it’s time for yoga. (Again, in hindsight and with this morning’s luck, I’m glad I didn’t manage to snap my neck since we did headstands today.)

I soon realized that Heather was not the only person who had forgotten something. Alas! My brush is nowhere to be found! That’s okay…I can do without it….oh…wait…I also forgot my bra and underwear! FML! So for part of the morning, until my husband rescued me from my insanity by bringing my essentials to me, I was totally “free-balling”. As if that’s not enough, my sparkly tights somehow managed to get a run in them. It’s only 9:00am. I am absolutely, FUCKING THRILLED to find out what else is in store for this morning! :P
22 April 2013 @ 04:58 pm
Ever have that moment where you feel SO overwhelmed with all the thoughts and ideas in your head that you can’t pick out just one? Soon, months or years pass, and you’re in the same place you started due to indecision, or you’re merely in the middle of a million things, unsure where to go next. I think I’ll name that place “Sketchbook Limbo”.
Or Pinterest…. ;)
Last night, I used our massage pillow on my lower back while reading a book. I thought it felt awesome! BUT, today, it feels as though I have bruises all over my lower back!! I guess an hour (or three?) of massage is too much. I didn’t think that was possible!!! Mental note: Don’t lean back so hard.
22 April 2013 @ 11:23 am
I have become a gigantic waster of gum! I, along with many I’m sure, do not like to ever have bad breath. So, out of convenience, I chew gum after eating. BUT, I don’t like chewing gum for a long time, so I literally spit it out after only chewing for about 5 min. Here’s the thing, though…I eat 5-6 times a day….so that’s 5-6 pieces of gum throughout the day! So for just 25-30 minutes of chewtime, I chew THAT MUCH gum! Whoever thought up the “car cup” with a bajillion pieces of gum inside, I applaud you.
Does anyone else remember Tongue Splashers gum? I think that is what those were called. They came in a small can, and the different colors would dye your whole mouth whatever color you wanted! I can’t say I’d want to do this now, but it would be fun to find out if those things still exist. Now, I finally understand the nostalgia my mom must feel when seeing Chic-O-Stix at the store. How odd to think that the candy I grew up with may be considered Old Fashioned before too long! And which candies will be classy enough to stick around forever? So far, Tootsie Roll Pops and Blow Pops have done a pretty good job of it! (Those are old, right?)
A memory resurfaces: In 5th grade, I had an argument with a boy named Jonathan Simcosky. He tried to insist to me that chocolate was not technically candy! Being my completely stubborn self, I disagreed with him ALL DAY LONG. We bickered all through lunch AND all through recess. In fact, I don’t think our argument was ever resolved…it was an “agree to disagree” situation. As an adult, I can’t say I consider chocolate to be candy…it is chocolate…it is its own entity. I’m sorry, Jonathan, wherever you are…you were right. I’m finally admitting it.
18 April 2013 @ 04:53 pm
Not to emphasize food TOO much today, but I have to say that taco seasoned beef w/ black beans and tomatoes/onions is one of my favorite leftovers to take to lunch. :) Good thing I keep gum at my desk, though, or my breath would chase everyone out of the office! I can just see it…people screaming and pouring out of all the doors, covering their noses, yelling things like they did in Anchorman! “It smells like bigfoot’s Dick!” “…like pure gasoline!” Hmm…maybe I shouldn’t chew the gum…that could be entertaining.
Our cat, Buddy, has basically claimed the top of my pillow as his bed/grooming spot at night. Sometimes, when reaching down to groom his crotch, he puts a paw on my head for leverage. It’s a little funny….last night, he kept trying to groom my hair, too…it’s cute, but COME ON, KITTY!!! Back OFF and let me sleep!!!!
I somehow managed to mess up the power button on my iPhone…it’s like it’s stuck pushed down….but not pushed down ALL the way..just most the way. Anyone else have this happen??
18 April 2013 @ 09:44 am
P.S. It'd be sweet to know if anyone reads this sucker. IF no one reads it..no biggie..but if you do, don't be afraid to comment...good or bad....no worries! ;) OR you can always walk up to me in real life and say, "You just CRAZY", then walk away.... I'll know. **SMILES**
18 April 2013 @ 09:37 am
I am not feeling inspired today, and I completely blame the weather. Yah..that's all you get.

Today is already better! This morning, Heather met me at the treadmills for some jogging before yoga. It’s amazing how much that stuff elevates my mood! It’s also amazing that I have someone as crazy as myself who will drag herself out of bed at the butt-crack of dawn just to run her ass off with me! (Thank you, Heather, if you’re reading this----- We got all the good kinda crazy!!) Holla!!! Ya’ll should give her a little follow #becausebikini! ;)
---> @heathercarolyn4 on The Twitter!
I wonder if there is anyone else in the world (besides perhaps a prego woman) who craves cheesecake at 9:00am like I do. This is not a one-time craving; it happens at least once every few weeks! Delicious, rich cheesecake on a buttery graham cracker crust, with yummy cherry compote on top…mmmm….holy CRAP, I want some SO badly…and The Cheesecake Factory is RIGHT DOWN THE STREET! I wonder if they put some sort of chemical in the air that wafts its way to this building, flows through the air ducts, and subconsciously tells my brain I NEED cheesecake. You know how in cartoons, you can always SEE the aromas from things like pies on a window sill or fresh wheels of cheese near a mouse trap? The SMELL becomes a LIVING THING in the form of translucent, smoke-like lines that travel to the unsuspecting victim’s nose, calling to the olfactory senses like Sirens call to sailors… I can’t be the only one who experiences this!!!!
At least I know that Jerry the mouse is in the same boat as me.